Septic System Repair

Septic System Troubleshooting & Repair

We understand how stressful it can be when your septic system isn't operating properly. Septic system malfunctions often prevent your toilets from flushing or cause wastewater to back up into your house and flood into your yard. When it comes to septic system repairs, don't go at it alone. Rely on certified professionals to do the job right. Our experts are highly trained to identify and fix a wide range of septic system issues, and with over 65 years of experience, we've seen it all. For your protection and peace of mind, we are fully licensed and insured. Plus, we will obtain a permit for any job that requires one. All you have to do is sit back and trust Hapchuk, Inc to come up with the best solution for you!

  • Septic Line Repair: Whether your line needs unclogged or replaced entirely, you can rely on Hapchuk, Inc to do the job right. Our technicians are trained in safe excavation protocol and perform all work in accordance to state and local codes.

  • Septic Line Camera Inspection & Locating: Need your septic tank pumped but don't know where it is? Hapchuk, Inc will find it for you! With state-of-the-art electronic locators and line inspection cameras, our experts can pinpoint any problems you may be having in your septic lines or tank. This allows us to cost-effectively evaluate issues and make repairs with minimal digging, so we're easy on your wallet and your yard.

  • Septic Pump & Alarm Repair: Some septic systems rely on a pump to move effluent from the septic tank to the drain field. If your effluent pump isn't working properly, you will most likely be warned by an alarm. Without this alarm, you may not know that your pump is broken until septic backs up into your house. That's why it is very important to check your alarm and floats periodically. If you ever hear or see this alarm, or find that it isn't working when tested, call Hapchuk, Inc immediately before you have a mess on your hands!

  • Riser & Lid Installation: Are you tired of digging up your septic tank lids every time it needs pumped out? Our experts will install a riser pipe to bring the access port of your tank to ground level, so you never have to dig it up again. Is your septic tank lid cracked or broken? It is very important for the safety of your children and pets that you replace it immediately. Call Hapchuk, Inc to buy a septic-safe lid today!

  • Septic Tank Outlet Filter Installation: An outlet filter is an important component of your septic tank as it is designed to prevent solids from escaping to your drain field and clogging it up. If your outlet filter is broken or if your septic tank doesn't have one at all, contact Hapchuk, Inc to install a new one.

  • Septic Tank Baffle Repair: Your septic tank should have an inlet and an outlet baffle. Both are vital to ensure that solids get trapped in your septic tank rather than flow into your drain field. If either is broken or missing, your drain field is at risk of damage, and you should have it repaired right away.
  • Septic & Holding Tank Installation: Maybe your old septic tank has deteriorated over the years, or perhaps your tank wasn't installed properly to begin with. Either way, a damaged tank is a big problem. Don't trust anyone except the professionals to install a septic or holding tank for you. At Hapchuk, Inc, we have installed hundreds of septic and holding tanks, so we know what we're doing. We have the equipment and expertise to install your tank in as little as one day!

Septic & Holding Tank Sales

In addition to installing and repairing tanks, Hapchuk, Inc is a certified distributor of Norwesco plastic septic and holding tanks. Norwesco tanks are constructed from durable polyethylene that is unaffected by chemicals and gases present in septic waste. The tanks are molded in one, seamless piece making them watertight, and the rib design provides superior structural integrity. Hapchuk, Inc has 300-gallon, 500-gallon, 1,000-gallon, 1,250-gallon, 1,500-gallon, and 2,500-gallon tanks available for pickup or local delivery. To buy a tank or to receive advice on which tank is right for you, contact our experts today.

My tech Andrew was well versed in his job and really took the time to help me understand my system and solve my issue. I'd recommend Hapchuk for anyone with a septic tank that needs quality service.

Brandon Byerly

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