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PSMA Septic System Inspection

Are you buying a home with a septic system? If so, you must know what condition the system is in. The septic system is one of the most expensive components of a house, costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace. An oversight of a malfunctioning septic system will turn your dream home into a financial nightmare.

The only way to truly assess the condition of a septic system is through an extensive inspection by a certified inspector – a dye test doesn’t cut it. Many companies claim to perform septic system inspections, but only the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) has developed a set of standards for an objective septic system evaluation. As a member of the PSMA, Hapchuk, Inc has committed to the rigorous training and education required to equip our inspectors with the expertise necessary to conduct comprehensive septic system evaluations. When you need a septic system inspection, you can be certain that each inspector at Hapchuk, Inc is certified by the PSMA and will follow the official standards set by the PSMA.

The PSMA septic system inspection is a thorough examination and evaluation of every component of the system. During this inspection, the size, location, and condition of the septic tank will be determined. The system’s mechanical and electrical components will be discovered and examined. The drain field will be located and evaluated. Most importantly, our inspectors will present their findings in a comprehensive report that will indicate any conditions which may signal problems for future owners. While this report is not a guarantee, the conclusions it draws can save you thousands of dollars in septic system repairs or replacement.

It is just as important for current homeowners to have their septic systems evaluated on a regular basis. In fact, the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences recommends having your system inspected every 1 to 3 years to protect against preventable long-term damage. As a homebuyer or homeowner, don’t put yourself in a position that will cost you money, time, and headache by overlooking one of the most expensive components of a home. Rely on Hapchuk, Inc to provide you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your septic system.

Dye Testing

While a dye test is more limited than a PSMA septic inspection, it can still provide some useful information about a septic system’s function. In fact, dye tests are often required to obtain a home loan for a house with a septic system. A dye test uses a brightly colored, non-toxic tracing dye to ensure that wastewater is correctly routing into the septic tank and not elsewhere on the property. Most importantly, a dye test can identify if a septic system discharges untreated sewage to the surface of the ground or into waterways.

During a dye test, a technician will flush dye tablets down toilets and drains, confirm that the appropriate wastewater sources are entering the septic tank, and walk the property to see if dye is surfacing anywhere. Hapchuk, Inc has the expertise to fulfill your lender’s requirements for a dye test. But remember, the savvy home buyer will request a far more thorough PSMA septic system inspection.

Permitting, Testing & Design

Whether you’re planning to build your dream home on a vacant piece of land or replacing the septic system at your current home, Hapchuk, Inc is capable and experienced in navigating you through the complex steps of permitting, soil testing, and designing a new, legal septic system. Our experts know this process like the back of their hands, so we can save you time and prevent the costly mistakes that can occur when you attempt this alone.

We can obtain any of the necessary permits that are required by the county or township. We can also coordinate with sewage enforcement officers (SEOs) and soil scientists as well as provide an excavator and operator to perform soil probe and percolation testing. The methods we use are effective at finding a suitable location for a new septic system absorption area. Once soil testing in complete and a septic system absorption area has been located, we can have a design created for the new septic system. Hapchuk, Inc deals with the hassles of septic system permitting, testing, and design so that you don’t have to.

Thank you for providing the inspection report and letter outlining the steps and associated costs! I also wanted to personally thank you from myself as well as my father who were both beyond pleased with the completeness of your inspection with what could be done, explanation of the issues in ways that those not familiar with the system could easily understand, and just simply the time and attention you put forth to the customer.  Upon leaving the property, my father continued to rave about your inspection.  He’s a now retired union carpenter for 40+ years and was overly pleased to find someone that put forth the quality effort and time to perform a job done right.  I share his same compliment and would recommend Hapchuk to anyone requiring similar service.

Jason Stauber | Greensburg, PA

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