Septic Line Opening

High-Pressure Water Jetting

It’s every septic system owner’s worst fear. There’s a clog in your septic line and now sewage is backing up into your house. Fortunately, our high-pressure water jetting system powers through even the most stubborn clogs. Grease, sludge, roots, or even a child’s toy is no match for jetting by Hapchuk, Inc. Our expert technicians safely maneuver powerful water jets through your septic lines to clear clogs and power wash the inside of the lines. While traditional mechanical snake services only poke a hole through the blockage, our state-of-the-art jetting equipment is designed to penetrate through clogs and then blast away any hardened-on scale or debris. This is the difference between a temporary fix and a lasting solution to persistent septic line clogs! Hapchuk, Inc specializes in unclogging the septic lines outside of your house. For clogs in the smaller, more delicate plumbing inside your home, we advise you contact a local plumber.

Sand Mound Cleaning

If your septic system has a sand mound, it is important to get it cleaned at least every 5 years. If the sand mound isn’t maintained properly, it will get clogged up with small particles of debris and bio-mat over time. This prevents wastewater effluent from being distributed evenly, causing some sections of the sand mound to be unused and other sections to be overused. These clogs reduce the effective size of your drain field, which diminishes its ability to treat wastewater and significantly shortens its useful life.

To prevent this long-term damage, rely on Hapchuk, Inc to keep your sand mound clean and operating properly. We use state-of-the-art high-pressure water jetting equipment to power wash the inside of your sand mound piping and blast through any clogs. Get the most out of your septic system by scheduling regular sand mound cleaning with Hapchuk, Inc!

RootX Root Control

Your home's septic lines are built to handle wastewater, but they are no match for tree roots! Over time, septic lines can crack, or joints can separate causing entry points for aggressive roots. Once the roots get into the septic line, they can block the flow causing backups or even expensive septic line replacement.

RootX is a specially formulated root inhibitor. Once you add water to the RootX formula, the special ingredients create a root-killing foam that leaves a coating on the roots and pipe walls, which not only kills roots but also stops their regrowth for a period of time. If roots go unchecked, they can grow inside the septic line causing a blockage that can grow so dense that you'll need to replace the line. Hapchuk, Inc can apply RootX to your septic lines as part of your maintenance program to save you money and keep your septic lines flowing smoothly. 

We had a mishap with our septic system, and today a young man named Jason, who works for Hapchuk’s in Washington, PA, came to our house… He removed the giant plastic spider that was clogging my septic system… We are grateful for his kindness, knowledge and hard work!!!
Tina Hines | Daisytown, PA

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